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Jewellery Care

The right care for

Keep your precious pieces perfectly sparkling by following these simple instructions:

1. The best method to store stringed jewellery pieces is by keeping them straight in a box, or hanged to avoid their thread from breaking.

2. To protect your jewellery pieces from any blemishes, avoid scratching them against solid surfaces.

3. For the ultimate shine, take off your jewellery pieces whenever you’re about to start any housework or take a shower.

4. For an intact jewellery surface, do not put your jewellery pieces in direct contact with any chemicals such as cleansers, perfumes, etc.

5. For a long lasting shine to our signature sterling silver pieces, be sure to take them off before you dip into any water, pools or beaches.

6. Remember, the best way to avoid oxidation is to wear your pieces of jewellery rather than store them for a long time.

7. When you’re about to store your jewellery pieces, wrap them in a cotton cloth and put them in their own box, this will keep the pieces in their finest form.

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